The Manatee Classroom meets Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:30pm and has a capacity of 20 students. This classroom offers three and five days per week options. Depending on space, we give preference to families wanting to enroll their child five days per week. The morning program emphasizes Montessori work and outdoor play and includes morning snack and lunch. The afternoon program is built around our Creative Arts program (art, music, and imaginative play) with quiet/nap time and a snack.
The Gingko Classroom  meets Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:30pm and has a capacity of 15 students. For this classroom only, we offer an extended day option with enrollment from 3:30pm-5:30pm. The Gingko Classroom only offers the five-day option to newly enrollment families. The program emphasizes Montessori work, Creative Arts, movement, and exploratory learning and outdoor play with morning/afternoon snack and lunch and quiet/nap time.
Here at MLM we strive to provide an appropriate, healthy diet centered on whole, organic foods. About two days a week we will serve a meat protein, while three days a week we serve a vegetarian meal providing ample protein in the form of beans, legumes, diary products and whole grains. Refined sugars are avoided. Children help prepare their snacks and lunches each day, and are asked not to bring food from home into the classroom. We are a nut-free school can accommodate certain food allergies.
The staff includes Judy Summerfield (Interim Director), Monica Martinez (Co-Interim Director & Lead Teacher in the Gingko classroom), Connie Ostrowski (Lead Teacher in the Manatee classroom), Claudia Warring (Lead Teacher in the Gingko classroom), Ren Russell (Movement Teacher in the Manatee classroom), Mercedez Meadows (Assistant Teacher in the Manatee classroom), and María de Lourdes Galindo Hernández (Assistant Teacher in the Gingko classroom).
Magic Lantern operates an 12-month program, September through August. We plan three breaks each year: two weeks at the end of December/beginning of January, one week in April, and one week at the end of August. Holidays generally follow the Seattle Public Schools schedule. 
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If the Seattle Public School System closes schools due to snow or inclement weather, Magic Lantern will close as well. If there is an emergency during the school day, parents will be called. School closure information can be found on the Seattle Public Schools website.