Families with children at Magic Lantern will find multiple opportunities to become involved in this active preschool. Families are expected to attend 2 required parent meetings per year; take on a specific job and/or actively participate on a committee; participate in work parties and fundraising endeavors. Day-to-day operations are managed by a part-time director on-site.
Membership on parent committees can foster a greater sense of participation in the school's life.
Building Committee
This committee oversees the physical plant of the school. Members handle tasks ranging from building the playground structures to fixing broken items at school, and everything in between. The church liaison, work party coordinator and carpet cleaning coordinator are all part of the building committee.
Enrollment Committee
These parents manage all aspects of recruiting and admitting new students and their families to Magic Lantern. The enrollment committee manages the efforts of seeking parent volunteers to join committees or fill specific job roles; maintains rosters, schedules, and the Magic Lantern handbook. 
Fundraising Committee
This committee raises money for the school through coordinated school-wide fundraising activities, an annual action, and seeking grants. 
IT Committee
This committee coordinates the MLM email list, website, and other IT-related tasks.
Outreach Committee
These parents focus on fostering community within Magic Lantern, and forging connections between the school and the larger community. The committee hosts internal events, coordinates Magic Lantern participation in neighborhood activities, generates media attention through pr or online efforts, and maximizes goodwill opportunities in our ares.