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High quality, culturally relevant
education and care.

Kids in Preschool

Our Goals

Since 2001, Magic Lantern Montessori has offered south Seattle a rich, diverse preschool curriculum that teaches children about their world and helps them learn the skills needed to be part of a harmonious community. Our dedicated teachers and staff help foster independence, curiosity, a strong sense of community, respect for self, others, and the environment, and a strong academic foundation for a lifetime of learning. We value fun, exploration, cooperation, creativity, and kindness.
Located in the diverse and dynamic Rainier Valley, Magic Lantern Montessori provides an intimate environment that nurtures children, parents, teachers, and our community.  


Parents and financial supporters are integral components of our community in helping ensure that our mission and values are at the forefront of our work.


Fundraising is vital to the ongoing success of Magic Lantern. Your financial support enables us to provide a creative and nurturing environment for our children as they discover their fullest potential.

Donations are directed to Sound Child Care Solutions, 501(c)3 and consortium of Magic Lantern. Donations are then transferred to MLM.


Encouraging initiative and self-sufficiency, children choose the things that interest them within an inspiring, imaginative, but well-structured and inclusive setting. 

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